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Monday, July 11, 2005

Trip and French Class

During the last week, we received two seperate offer for free trip to our choice. For us, that love going to trip, is hard to ignore them. But it seems that we should due to a lot of things that we have to do by the end of this year, or more longer.

On the other hand, as it goes along, it seems for me that more US cities are alike. I don't know, why. But it might be because of the stuctures of the cities, or a short maximum-four-century history. Anyway, that's an introduction of saying that I am more interested in visiting Europe, its rich culture, and history. Maybe that's another reason that I started learning French.

Speaking about my learning French, it really goes well, although I'm not spending much time on it. I can read a lot of things, even in Le Monde - the most famous French newspaper (meaning: The World, :) ). The hardest part in French is its pronunciation. My teacher is saying that mine is well considering of a short time that I started (about 2 months).

I am so amazed of how many common words and expressions are in French and Persian, even wih the similar pronunciation, totally different from their corresponce English words. Historically, Iran was never a colony of France. I don't know how come such a vast vocabulary came into Persian from French. Any idea?


At 2:52 AM, Anonymous Shiva said...

Really?! Only after two months of French courses you are able to read and even have a French weblog?! This is extremely impressive! Probably it is a special talent or passion for languages. I cannot think of French being that similar to Farsi.

At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Shiva said...

Farsi and French both have Indo-European roots. Regarding this I came up with a couple of relatively interesting articles:,12976,1094497,00.html


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