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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

St. Louis


Last weekend, I was in St. Louis. I like this city, especially sitting near the Mississippi river near the Arch. I already missed it. Anyway, we went to the Forest park museums: Art Museum and History Museum. I did videotaped some part of the museums. We found lots of rooms for Persian art, although with some wrong explanation. I explained to a guy over there about a part that was geographically explained wrong. He just said that there are a lot!! Seemed very careless.

The interesting thing was that in St. Louis History Museum, the first floor, there was a gallery about how black people were suffering, their history since 500 years ago. I was there and noticed that the security guy was noticing to me. After a while he came and warned me about not taking any picture nor video from "this special gallery." I don't understand, if the slavery was wrong why ashamed of saying it or showing it or being accused about it. Unless there is no belief that slavery was and/or is wrong, I don't see any point to forbid the video making about it.
I had thought that a big multicultural city like St. Louis is more Democrat that it seemed to be.


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