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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Iran's Election: Ban or Participate or third method?

Iran's upcoming presidential election has divided the reformists into two parts: one group believes they should ban the election, another believes in voting to Moeen, the candidate for Progressive Reformists.

There are very high rank characters in both groups. For example, Abdollah Noori, one of the best ministers of Khatami in his first period, believes that in this system, under the rule of Khamenei, nothing can be done, and the result of even victory of Moeen can not change much, so why bother to participate in election.

On the other hand, some other reformists, including Mostafa Tajzadeh, one of the main figures among reformists, believes that they should not let hardliners make an absolutely totalitarian system, and should use this small opportunity.

I think that these two groups can be converged in one view: Limiting the power of Supreme Leader: Ali Khamenei. If Moeen can guarantee that he is capable of doing so, and people believe that they definitely vote for him. But how in this complicated system, power of the Supreme Leader can be reduced?

In my point of view, the next year election of October 2006 for electing "Experts" who are capable to "control, force to resign, and exchange" of the Supreme Leader, is very important. Unfortunately, reformists have not yet been noticing about this election. If reformists could win presidential elections and the October 2006 election, then they have control over Khamenei, and can even force him to resign and exchange him (Article 108, 110, 111 of Iran's Constitution).

If Moeen's team can show a practical method and their commitment about their maximum effort on October 2006 election for controlling Khamenei, then people who believe in banning the upcoming election, will be voting for Moeen.

NOTE: Submitted to IranScan1384 , a site about Iran's upcoming election managed by . I have also written a Persian article about this issue.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger persian dissident-Human Rights Defender said...

I believ this just prolongs the same problems.

At 3:38 PM, Anonymous Shiva said...

I never knew about the third method. Interesting ...

At 4:11 PM, Blogger proshat said...

Expert election is very important & we do take notice to that. The point is that as you might know the Gaurdian (sp?) counsil govern & oversees that election too. So it is hardly possible for reformists to get into the Experts. Ironically Experts choose the leader & the leader choose Gaurdians, therefore there is chain reaction which shall be broken but it's runnig still!


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