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Monday, June 13, 2005

Bombings in Iran

Bombings have happened in different cities in Iran, during the last 2 weeks, while it's just 3-4 days before the presidential election. The reformist's candidate, Moeen is going to be ahead in most of the cities that bombing has happened. It should explain the link between the bombings and the hardliners specially some of them who were in army and now are Moeen's competitor, such as Qalibaf. Qalibaf, a former chief police, has stong links in the the army. The hardliners are getting angry because in spite of small ratio of people's possible participation in the election, Moeen is getting to be in a good position. So I guess, the increasing/decreasing of bombings in the coming days depend on Moeen's popularity and results of pre-voting pollings.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger proshat said...

Well, It had kinda stopped yet Moeen's Popularity is getting higher & higher if he is chosen for the second round of election I'm sure that he will get even more votes. We've been talking about that the other day & people who wont vote today may vote for him next week!


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