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Saturday, September 02, 2006

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Trip Pictures (19): END


Memories of trip:

Being in these beautiful places, taking more than 1500 pictures and 12 hours movie, it's very hard to choose one among them as the best. Anyhow, I can say that Vancouver and Quebec City were the most beautiful cities, while Yellow Stone and Niagara Falls were the most amazing natural places in the trip.

Trip Pictures (18): Back to US

The sky of Ottawa:

Above the clouds:

The sky of Chicago:

O'Hare airport:

Downtown of Chicago:

"Sears Tower", the highest tower in the US, in the clouds:

Inside Sears Tower:

Outside view:

Back to O'Hare airport:

Trip Pictures (17): Ottawa

"Museum of Civilization", the most visited museum in Canada, is located in Gatineau, north of Ottawa River.
Standing in line to get ticket:

Gods symbols of "First Nations" ("First Nation" in Canada is a term that is used for Native Canadian, equivalent to "Indian Nation" in the US):

Statue of Vikings sailing towards North America from Europe:

The written language of First Nation (In Vancouver, I had seen repeatedly signs in 3 languages: English, French, and language of First Nation):

"Sky Woman Falling" (Based on the old stories of First Nations, Sky Woman is the Creator's daughter and the first woman of human who fell from Heaven):

Based on religious stories of First Nation, the Sky Woman's daughter gives birth to twin sons: Good and Evil. Even prior to their birth, these two sons are in conflict. The good twin is born in the natural way, while his evil brother, jealous of his sibling's being born first, pushes himself out his mother's side and is born from under her left shoulder. The birth of the twins marks the beginning of the battle of good and evil on earth. Eventually the good twin defeats his evil brother, and banishes him to a pit under the earth. From this pit the evil twin sends emissaries that continue to bring evil into the world.
Sky Woman's daughter giving birth to Good and Evil:

The Empires who changed the world:

The very early method of writing in Mesopotamia:

Hieroglyph in Egypt:

Writing in Roman Empire:

Trip Pictures (16): Ottawa

Ottawa has an interesting mechanical system called The Locks for transfering boats through a man-made canal, Rideau Canal, which was made to protect the city and connect Ottawa River to Lake Ontario. The Canal goes by Kingston, a city more than 200km (120 miles) away.

Boats wait behind the Locks to be opened:

The gates then are opened and water helps boats to go to upper level. In this way, all boats move upper and upper on the canal.

Path of the canal from Ottawa to Kingston:

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trip Pictures (15): Ottawa

Back in Ottawa, we stayed for a few days before coming back to US. Ottawa is an old-architectural city. Here is the "Rue Metcalfe Street", in downtown of Ottawa:

The memorial statue for Canadian soldiers in a square in Ottawa:

A beach in Ottawa:

Located in the province of Quebec, Gatineau is right in the north of Ottawa and is considered as a suberb of Ottawa.
View of Ottawa River from Gatineau Park in Gatineau, Quebec:

View of the Canadian Parliament from Gatineau on the northern shore of Ottawa River:

Inside the Parliament, flags of different provinces:

Entrance to the House:

The interesting thing is the reserved seat of the Queen of England in Canada's Parliament (The red seat in the middle):

Library of parliament:

Trip Pictures (14): Montreal

Driving back from Quebec City to the second-largest French speaking city in the world, Montreal, we passed the the Olympic Stadium (French: Le Stade Olympique) that was the main venue of the 1976 Summer Olympics:

Montreal is famous for its restaurants, so here we are in a Persian restaurant eating Kebob: