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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Renaming Blog: 'Akbar Ganji'

I am renaming my blog into "Akbar Ganji" for one week starting April 27, to show my objection to his nonsense imprisonment in Iranian hardliners prison. Hundreds and thousands of Iranian bloggers around the globe, are doing the same to make attention for his long-lasting 5 years imprisonments.

On April 27th 2000, Akbar Ganji was jailed by hardliner authorities in Iran. Akbar Ganji, the Iranian reformist journalist, was writing in a few papers in Iran. He was one of the key elements who helped president Khatami in un-secreting the secrets behind the famous 1998 serial political killing of reformist intellectuals. He, along with Khatami's political advisor, Saeed Hajjarian, wrote a series of articles which finally showed that hardliners were behind all the political murdering.

As a result of their successful efforts, hardliners confessed the political killings. But later on, Hajjarian was assasinated by hardliners and fortunately and miraclously stayed alive but paralyzed, and Ganji went to jail.

Let's hope that all reformist and thinkers around the globe will be free very soon.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Poetry in Persia

The Persian literature is very rich and multi-layered meaningful. They are some old Persian poet who are famous, among which, Khayyam is one of my favorite poets. The movie "The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam" is about his life. Khayyam, a mathematician, philosopher, astronomer and poet lived in some centuries ago in Persia. Reading his poetry was always a relaxing time in my life

There are some other old famous Persian poets, such as Hafez, Molavi, Ferdosi , ... . Among them, I think that Molavi and Khayyam are the most known poets in the Western world. Although it's not easy to translate poets from one language to another, transmitting the ideas. I hope some literature professors had enough courage and knowledge to do such things.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Fake Scientific Paper Accepted !

Very funny and of course predictable! A randomly-text-selected fake scientific paper that was generated and written by a software through random search among texts, had been accepted in a scientific conference. The software developer, who is an MIT-graduate said he was tired of mass-emailing that this conference was sending, and intended to show the lack of correct process of paper acceptance.

I think they are quite right. I have seen how untrusty is the process of paper acceptance. I think it needs to be fundamentally changed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Confusion, Deadlines and Depression!

I have lots of things to do. I have to work on my own research as well as on two other industry-related research projects. I have to prepare a presentation of my own project by this Friday. I am still not done with the Tax Return headacheful stuff which is due in two days. Oh!! And today along with all the confusion of my work, I figured out that one of the devices related to a project that I am working is missing in my office. It totally brought me down. Usually when I have a lot of things to do, I don't do anything, or computer-wise speaking, I hang out! Today was one of those hanging-out days. Now I am trying to express my feelings to get hopefully more relaxed.

I have figured out that I am becoming more and more depressed and sad for the last couple of months or so. I don't know the main reason, but there might be a lot of minor reasons that altogether have become important.

I have seen the same kind of patterns in some of the blogs that I usually read such as Grillo's blog. I don't know if it is related to the economical/sociological issues in the US or something else. By the way, gas price is acceleratedly increasing in here. Just since 3 weeks ago, it increased 38-40%!!

I have become very sensitive and too-much-on-fire person. I used to be known as hard-to-be-angry person. My friends can feel my being sad and depressed by talking to me, or even some say by reading the blog and my writings. Do you feel the same thing by reading here?

Friday, April 08, 2005

eflight and eTrip!

The new sattellite-based map of Google service is really amazing. I went to see the St. Louis' Arch, New York's Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument in D.C., ....

You can also go to this sightseeing website to see a lot of interesting sites in the US found through Google sattelite images.

Political Religion Handshaking??

It can happen in the funeral of Catholic Pope that President of Jewish state, Israel shakes a political hand with President of Islamic state, Iran. By the way both are from the same area in Iran. I wonder if they spoke in Persian?

Addedd Later: Based on the
Reuters news, they have spoken in Persian about their common city of birth. Katsav mentioned to Israeli newspaper, Maariv, The president of Iran extended his hand to me, I shook it and told him in Farsi 'may peace be upon you'.

Added Again: After denying of Khatami, President of Iran, I was looking through the media more carefully. I figured out that the only source veryfying handshaking was Katsav, while Khatami was denying it. I also couldn't find any picture taken about the handshaking nor the talking, however the fact of being in neighbor seats was annonced some hours before ceremony that would make enough attention for reporters. Could anyboy find any picture of the 'possible' event?