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Friday, April 08, 2005

Political Religion Handshaking??

It can happen in the funeral of Catholic Pope that President of Jewish state, Israel shakes a political hand with President of Islamic state, Iran. By the way both are from the same area in Iran. I wonder if they spoke in Persian?

Addedd Later: Based on the
Reuters news, they have spoken in Persian about their common city of birth. Katsav mentioned to Israeli newspaper, Maariv, The president of Iran extended his hand to me, I shook it and told him in Farsi 'may peace be upon you'.

Added Again: After denying of Khatami, President of Iran, I was looking through the media more carefully. I figured out that the only source veryfying handshaking was Katsav, while Khatami was denying it. I also couldn't find any picture taken about the handshaking nor the talking, however the fact of being in neighbor seats was annonced some hours before ceremony that would make enough attention for reporters. Could anyboy find any picture of the 'possible' event?


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