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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Renaming Blog: 'Akbar Ganji'

I am renaming my blog into "Akbar Ganji" for one week starting April 27, to show my objection to his nonsense imprisonment in Iranian hardliners prison. Hundreds and thousands of Iranian bloggers around the globe, are doing the same to make attention for his long-lasting 5 years imprisonments.

On April 27th 2000, Akbar Ganji was jailed by hardliner authorities in Iran. Akbar Ganji, the Iranian reformist journalist, was writing in a few papers in Iran. He was one of the key elements who helped president Khatami in un-secreting the secrets behind the famous 1998 serial political killing of reformist intellectuals. He, along with Khatami's political advisor, Saeed Hajjarian, wrote a series of articles which finally showed that hardliners were behind all the political murdering.

As a result of their successful efforts, hardliners confessed the political killings. But later on, Hajjarian was assasinated by hardliners and fortunately and miraclously stayed alive but paralyzed, and Ganji went to jail.

Let's hope that all reformist and thinkers around the globe will be free very soon.


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