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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trip Pictures (12): Quebec City

After coming back from the trip of the west of Ottawa, the next day, we headed to the east part of Ottawa, namely Quebec City and Montreal. Quebec City is the official capital of the province of Quebec. The very historic and beautiful city, Quebec City is one of the first settlement places of people who came from Europe. There are still streets and buildings of the 16th century with the European architecture.
We arrived on July 29th and stayed 2 days there. The first night, we went to Château Frontenac, #1 attraction of Quebec City. Château Frontenac is an arcitectural hotel that has history behind it. Two important meetings of the second world war were held there between the US president, Roosevelt and British prime minister, Winston Churchil. Here are the pictures of Château Frontenac at night:

One of the "Ports" into the historic Quebec City:

Europrean structures of the streets along with almost nobody speaking English, makes you feel being out of North America, and gone to Europe:


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