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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Iran's presidential election

Iran's upcoming presidential election will be held on June 17th. Eight years ago, among all other students, I was active and a pro-Khatami among my friends in these days. Although I didn't expect any quick changes, but I kind of gave up the things that I was day-and-night following due to the social change in Iran. Those days I really believed in Khatami, and his doctorine, however I don't still think that social change has to be in a short period of time. But the excitement that I had 8 years ago, I don't feel a bit now.

Among the candidates, if I was in Iran, I would vote to Moeen, which is from Khatami's party. Rafsanjani is a dangerous but pragmatic character and the rest of them are more or less conservative hardliners. But my guess is that Rafsanjani will be selected.

For those of you that might want to know about Iran's elections, it is a two stage election. In the first stage, all candidates have to be validated and filtered through an Islamic so-called Guardian Council which consist 12 hardliners. The ones who pass this filter are to be voted nationwide.


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