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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Media: Key Point to Fail Evil Policy

For the success of any evil policy three components are needed:

Group A: The Evil itself: The smart persons who are in the center of decisions and making life miserable.

Group B: The financially-dependent-on-evil people: These people are dependent financially on group A, so they support them as long as the financial connection does exist.

Group C: The stupid people around evil: Who are used by the evil people as kind of shield. These people usually are very superficial, emotional, illogical, and fanatic.

In Iran, the center of hardliners, are really smart and dangerous (group A), there are some supporters for this group, which is at most about 15% of the population of the country, among which mostly are in group C, some people who are very superficial, illogical and fanatic, called Ansar-Hezbollah. On the other hand, most of the high-governmental managers are among group B.

In the US, you can easily see the same kind of pattern. How this pattern of policy can be disabled?

Group A is in the center, and group B surrounds it. Group C, like a circle surrounds both of them. Each of these groups have to be treated in different way. If you fight with people in group C, you are just loosing your time and energy. They are not evil, but just superficial, you just have to increase their knowledge in any method possible. When the group C starts to drop out from the circle, then A and B will be nakedly showing their real character. At this moment they can easily be overcome.

It means that the key point is increasing knowledge and introducing truth. Here the power of media can be shown. If mainstream of the media is under control of group A and B, work will be harder. In that case, the power of small media will be more important to burden the truth.


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