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Monday, December 13, 2004

Democracy in Middle East: 50 Years Ago

Always there are something in history that could change it a lot. Those points are considered historically critical. I believe one of them was 1953 coup led by US and Britain against democratic government of Mossadegh in Iran .

Iran in the early 1950's was about to start a democractic society from inside that could and would be developped to the middle east region. The thing that now Bush administration is kind of trying to do. But ....

There was a very unfortunate
coup led by US (under republican Eisenhower) and Britain to crack this new democratic government down and bring the kingdom of Pahlavi back into the power.

The lack of political freedom under Pahlavi kingdom, made the 1979 revolution against Shah. But the political freedom wasn't gained due to a lot of reasons, and there are still struggle about it.

Here you can find a rock opera show about this historic event by Michael Minn at the 2004 NY International Fringe Festival.


At 1:44 AM, Blogger Grillo said...

Have CIA coups ever resulted in anything good? I really can't think of any. The US was also heavily involved in deposing freely elected South American leaders to disastrous results. You think they'd learn to stop intervening with things like that eventually.....


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