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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Movies and Real Life?

Over 90% or so of the movies that I have seen in the last few years have had one or more of these components as basis:

1. Violence: Either modern type or old cowboy type violence that makes a virtual excitement. They make you feel unsecured, under pressure, pessimistic, and etc.

2. Superstitions: There are lots of movies that are based on superstitions such vampires, etc. The tendency to create such things is amazing. I really don’t see any benefit for anybody watching these types of movies. No wonder why there are a lot of ridiculous things that people believe that don’t make any sense.

3. Sexual relationship: Sexual relationship with different degrees is a non-separable part of lots of movies. Is it true that in the real life, we just fall in love in a minute?

4. Heroic based: In almost all movies that have such kind of contests, there is a person(s) who is the good character, and always, without exception is the winner. The funny thing is that he/she has to be alone, and all power and goodness is near him/her. Is it the same in the real life? No wonder American were not successful in somewhere like Iraq, that there is real life with its complexity, not some heroic based movie.

Why there is not much movies about the real life? People’s real life is so much different from what we see in the movies. Aren’t they important? No wonder why Charles Chaplin was not welcomed in US, and even was banned to come to US. He was truly paying attention to the real society very deeply.

I should add that I think even financially the film makers would make lots of money if they pay attention to the people’s real life. Just see how successful the
Cosby show was in the 80’s.


At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Shiva said...

I enjoy reading your thoughts and like the variations in the subjects you pick.


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