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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Increasing Expenses !

I now can't imagine how people were living just 3-4 years ago due to dramatic increase in life expenses. University's tutions have been increased about 25-30% during the last 2-3 years. All rents, gas price, food stuff ... all have been increased so much compared to 4 years ago. Just a small candy had been increased 150% from last week.

I have just heard about the golden years during Clinton administration. It's like a dream for me: easily finding job, being able to pay your initial needs. I don't really know how long this situation could last. I'm frustrated. Am I living in a first-world country?


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Ottawa Dude said...

>>Am I leaving in a first-world country?

Possibly yes you are leaving that country if you can't live there :)


The united states is notorious for being kind on people with money , and brutal on those without. I mean , seriously , what kind of heath care system are they running whereby the doctors check your insurance policy first ? And if it's invalid, they push you over to the side and wait for you to die ?

A lot of canadians have snuck across the border in search of fortune and glory and the all powerful American buck. And they've turned around and come right back to canada after they've looked around a bit.

I many not be rich , but I do not fear that a trip to the hostpital will bankrupt me , and thats worth more than a ton of american cash.

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Green Mind said...

Yes, You are totally right. After 4 years living :)) in the US, I can't imagine how I am going to survive later, if I am not going to be super-rich. The very next option will be moving to Canada or Europe. The only concern about Canada is probably being cold!

My friend just moved to Ottawa about one month ago, after a short period of 3 year living in the US. He was telling me .... ooohhh , back to safe and insured country, ....

I probably should do the same ... so see you soon!


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