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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Cancerous World

While humankind is a great need for basic things, especially after the disasterous Asian quake and tsunami, billions of dollars are spent for wars for the benefits of a few people, to make them satisfied. The world is so unbalanced, it is harmful for both sides, the rich people and the poor people. An unbalanced world is like a cancerous body, the person finally dies from this cancerous unbalancing.


At 7:33 PM, Blogger Old SAW - S. A. Wilson said...

sounds like you're very worried about the right wing??

i have been hearing this scary stuff about goldwater, Reagan, bush1, now bush2... since the the early 60's. so far the world is richer & freer, healthier & cleaner... considering population increases.

when people try to scare you or make you hate, they usually have an ulterior motive.

just a suggestion... four years from now look back… see if all the scary things you've heard about the right wing have come to pass... if the sky hasn’t fallen, then ask yourself why people would try to scare you? It may have more to do with getting your vote or your money than with the evil right wing.


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