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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Holidays and Dreams

I am sitting in front of Food Channel showing the tasty food of Thanksgiving Ceremony. After having a brunch at 1:00 pm, it still makes you hungry.

From Coming Thursday, official day for thanksgiving holiday, we are off for 4 days. Although it is close to the end of semester, I hope that we won't be that much busy. We really need to be in nature for a while. You know what? Even last night, I dreamed driving 3 days to Niagara Falls. I found a very highway called something , Highway 60!, in my dream that was from somewhere in Missouri straight to Northern part of NY!!! I guess I really need to have some holiday.

Talking about TV channels, Travel Channel and HGTV (the programs that talk about bringning the nature into your home) are among our favorite channels. Travel Channel is great, it really encourages you to go to all the areas that they show. We love it. Indeed we got the idea of going to Colorado Spring from there, a while ago.


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