Green Years ...

Sunday, November 14, 2004


This weekend by now went alright. We did some things that we had plan to do for almost a year!! ... lazy huh? ... I told you before. Anyhow I am sort of tired. After working for some hours, we went to Taco Bell.. I was really hungry.

One of our friends is moving to Canada, Ottawa from the US in a couple of days. The funny thing is about timing of his moving that is a couple of days after re-election of Bush, so lots of people were thinking that he has to be so upset to do so.

Talking about re-election of Bush, I hope that economy and unemployment issues won't be at least worse than what it is right now. The gas price these days went down a little bit. Today it was $1.79/gallon while just one week before election it was above $2/gallon.


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