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Monday, November 15, 2004


I like the fun of road trip so much. A while ago, we went to a road trip to Colorado. You can say that Colorado is divided to two completely different parts, widely distributed deserts in the east, and mountain areas in the west, divided by highway I-25. Eastern part is almost nothing, for a long long driving. Unless you love desert, I don't recommend to go through it, especially if you are not cautious to keep your car gas tank full .... But just a few miles east of I-25, everything changes. Colorado Spring, Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park are among the most beautiful areas across this highway. Very beautiful !

I figured out something interesting. In here, i.e. US, almost every small lake, rock, road, ... has a name and some sort of semi-history. It is just sometimes very funny to call something historical while it just goes back to less than 20 years ago! I used to call history for something in the scale of some centuries. In my point of view, it just shows some kind of reaction of how US was made. Immigrant people from all around the world came here and tried to make history, from that time. It is similar to when somebody doesn't have a thing, tries to show more and more about it. Have you noticed about Japanese type of cartoons with very big eyes?!


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