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Sunday, November 14, 2004


Hi every body,

Oooopps, it was hard to choose a name for blog which was not taken before. It seems that I finally got a name which was not chosen and is actually my favorite too. I should mention that my original language is not English, but Persian. However I wanted to have an English name for blog in order to communicate with a broader range of readers. I would love to have a blog in Perisan too, but there are some minor problems. First I don't have support for Persian fonts on my PC, and more importantly I am kind of lazy to install it and go through all the suffer of software bugs. I hope that I'll do it very soon.

One of the things that really encouraged me to write my own blog was to get organized. I hope that it really helps me in this point of view. I will write in this blog about social, technical, cultural issues as well as about daily life. I might be not vary regular person to update it very regular, but I'll do my best.

Green is one of my favorite colors. I don't know its origin, maybe beacuse of my interest in natural things.


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How it comes that you love green, the name of your weblog is green, but it itself is pink!!!!


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