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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Dynamic Thinking

What really makes some people be closed minded? Is it by genetic, environment-based issue, a mixture of both, or something else?

I believe that if a person can think dynamically, then his/her mind is mature. Let’s explain by one example. One of the things in science that one should deal with is the fact that everything is not completely true. In the first view, it might seem very easy, but it is not. You should be able to learn deeply along with having in mind that all the things that seem so concrete, are wrong. It’s like a paradox. I think the basic things for being open minded is the fact that they can think dynamically.

Thinking dynamically is hard because all of us are with some psychological background that we sometimes don’t even know what they are. So it’s not easy to get rid of these biased thoughts in our mind. Like before Copernique’s time, it was hard to believe that earth is not in a flat form, simply because of its concrete psychological background in people’s thoughts. There are lots of other examples in the context of religion that most of people who believe in them, can not think into something different, simply because of the very concrete background in their mind.

Dynamic thinking is something that is a required thing to move from reality to truth, otherwise we are just fooling ourselves that we know the truth.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Ottawa Dude said...

Thinking dynamically seems to be the same thing as being open minded and being prepared to change your mind.

Most kids can , and frequently do , do this. (Go to sunday school , learn all about god, become real churchy , then go to regular school , learn about science, do the lab experiments ... hey ! This is in direct conflict with the bible, but the stuff works ! See ? I tried it out with my own two hands ! )

Therefore it's not a sign of "maturity".

Maturity is simply the passage from childhood to adult. Where you stop taking someone elses opinion for it, (as children must do in order to survive) and now move on to making up your own mind and being more discriminating about the whole process.

Just my opinion.


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