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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Everlasting Racism

As a result of some years living in the South of the US, I think time to time about the roots and beginning of the racism. I haven’t seen the problem of racism, before coming to US. Last night, I saw the biographical movie of Rosa Parks, the human activist who didn’t give her seat to a white man in the bus and got arrested in 1955. It made me come to the point out about this again.

A friend of mine, an African American born in California who unluckily got admission to the school in the South, had told me about different horrible stories happening to him here in the middle of US. It wasn’t surprising for me, because I have lived in the South long enough to completely feel the hatred and racism. It was just a confirmation on my belief about people in the South, but why people in South are more racist than North is important too. Most people in the South are poor, church-going, haven’t seen any other cultures. A combination of poor financial situation with the strong belief that Christians are human and the others are just non-humans, makes their mind black and white.

Racism has a very long root in the West, is something that started in Europe. Racism originated with capitalism and the slave trade. As the writer CLR James put it, "The conception of dividing people by race begins with the slave trade. This thing was so shocking, so opposed to all the conceptions of society which religion and philosophers had…that the only justification by which humanity could face it was to divide people into races and decide that the Africans were an inferior race."

History proves this point. Prior to the advent of capitalism, racism as a systematic form of oppression did not exist. For example, ancient Greek and Roman societies had no concept of race or racial oppression.

Nowadays modern slavery is very mixed with the train of church-going people with a religious fabricating.


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