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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Is Katrina a terrorist?

Our brothers and sisters are still in the middle of nowhere with bad condition of health, no money, no jobs, no relatives, and most importantly they have no hope that government would help them. It's sad, so sad.

Since the disasterous 9/11, the big pain for all the humanity, Americans have sent their loved ones to overseas to get security back to this country. We have paid so many taxes to the newly-made organizations such as Department of Homeland Security to secure the United States. Is the security for only privileged citizens or all human kind in this land?! Where were the national guard to help?

We used to see a color-coded security level. I'm just curious, what color we are right now. Is it green?! Didn't it worth the lives of tens of thousands of citizens to change the security code to at least orange if not red?


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