Green Years ...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trip Pictures (15): Ottawa

Back in Ottawa, we stayed for a few days before coming back to US. Ottawa is an old-architectural city. Here is the "Rue Metcalfe Street", in downtown of Ottawa:

The memorial statue for Canadian soldiers in a square in Ottawa:

A beach in Ottawa:

Located in the province of Quebec, Gatineau is right in the north of Ottawa and is considered as a suberb of Ottawa.
View of Ottawa River from Gatineau Park in Gatineau, Quebec:

View of the Canadian Parliament from Gatineau on the northern shore of Ottawa River:

Inside the Parliament, flags of different provinces:

Entrance to the House:

The interesting thing is the reserved seat of the Queen of England in Canada's Parliament (The red seat in the middle):

Library of parliament:

Trip Pictures (14): Montreal

Driving back from Quebec City to the second-largest French speaking city in the world, Montreal, we passed the the Olympic Stadium (French: Le Stade Olympique) that was the main venue of the 1976 Summer Olympics:

Montreal is famous for its restaurants, so here we are in a Persian restaurant eating Kebob:

Trip Pictures (13): Quebec City

The apartment that we rented:

The beautiful street of Saint-Jean (Rue Saint-Jean) :

Again Château Frontenac:

A view of the downtown of Quebec City:

The view of downtown near Lawrence River:

The view of Lawrence River:

Inside a beautiful cathedral:

Painting under a bridge in highway:

Trip Pictures (12): Quebec City

After coming back from the trip of the west of Ottawa, the next day, we headed to the east part of Ottawa, namely Quebec City and Montreal. Quebec City is the official capital of the province of Quebec. The very historic and beautiful city, Quebec City is one of the first settlement places of people who came from Europe. There are still streets and buildings of the 16th century with the European architecture.
We arrived on July 29th and stayed 2 days there. The first night, we went to Château Frontenac, #1 attraction of Quebec City. Château Frontenac is an arcitectural hotel that has history behind it. Two important meetings of the second world war were held there between the US president, Roosevelt and British prime minister, Winston Churchil. Here are the pictures of Château Frontenac at night:

One of the "Ports" into the historic Quebec City:

Europrean structures of the streets along with almost nobody speaking English, makes you feel being out of North America, and gone to Europe:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Trip Pictures (11): Toronto

After being one complete day (exatly 24 hours!) in Niagara Falls, we headed back to Toronto. In crowded city of Toronto, we then went to the Toronto Island, CN Tower, and a Persian restaurant - Patogh.
Here is the view of downtown of Toronto including CN Tower, while on a boat heading towards Toronto Island:

Trip Pictures (10): Niagara Falls

The view from the US ground over the Niagara River and stairs located under the American Falls:

The American Falls and small fall on its right-hand side:

Back to Canada, inside the beautiful city of Niagara Falls in the province of Ontario:

The interesting falling building belong to "Belive It or Not" series of museums:

Inside a restaurants bathroom!!:

(If you haven't noticed, it was a moose doll in the bathroom)

Trip Pictures (9): Niagara Falls

The ship to go under the Falls:

In order not to get so wet:

and under the Canadian Fall:

Trip Pictures (8): Niagara Falls

The Niagara Tower in the Canadian city of Niagara Falls gives a nice view over The Falls:

The Canadian Falls:

The American Falls and the small fall besides it:

Goat Island, the island between two major falls, is owned by US. Its name comes from a storm in 19th century in which only goats got survived afterwards:

The bridge to cross between US and Canada: