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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Quick Judgement

A group of researchers in University of Reading in U.K. have found that web readers get their first impression about an internet site in less than one "second". Too stressful for designers of websites!!

Comic movie Therapy

A research group in University of Maryland discovered that "The overall difference in brachial artery FMD between the mental stress and laughter phases exceeded 50% in healthy men and women. " In another word, if you want to get better condition for your heart, watch comic movies.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Interactive map

To create a map for visited area in the world, or in the US, you can use this interactive map.

According to Google, nations are known as:

(From Philipp Lenssen) To view a better picture, click here.

According to Google,
Iranian are known for their:
Big Noses, Hospitality, Friendliness, individuality, Bargaining Skills, Showing Empathy, 'Specific Driving Habits', Spirit of Love and affection.

Fluorescent pig

Fluorescent green pig, engineered by scientists in Taiwan, are green from inside out.


My long time - more than 2 months - not writing was due to partly being so busy, and partly not feeling to write. Although none of these two had been changed, but I thought that I should start posting a minimum, mainly for the ones who might be following the blog, and may be worried about me.

There have been lots of things going on during the last 2 months. Hoder - the prominent Persian blogger - has started his trip to Israel, to make a bridge between Iranian and Israeli people. I admire his work. Way to go Hoder. For more information see his blog.

The crazy fanatic President of Iran, Ahmadi Nejad, has become one of the most horrifying people in the world. I think, now the world can see how during the 8 years of Khatami being in presidency, why he could not get the problems solved, while facing so horrifying, crazy and fanatic enemies like Ahmadi Nejad. Anyhow, I just hope that he will be out of power as soon as possible.